4219 Skidder Engine Parts
AT18026 for 4219 Older Style Small Injection Pump

RE62916 for 440 Rebuilt Higher Torque 2 bolt Starter $250 Exchange
T23611 Air Intake Elbow for 440 $25
T30201 Air Intake Adapter Bolt to Head $30
J-KEquipment.com   207-416-3510   207-478-1301 JDParts50@gmail.com​
Newer style Injection Pump for 4219 $450
AR62452 ​4219
​Cylinder Head  Good Take Off  $350
​T29521  Single Port Rebuilt Water Pump $175 rebuilt or New avaiable
RE10869 Engine Oil Cooler $125
Universal Bell Housing 17 7/8
​5 1/2 Or 4 1/2 Deep $175
T20007 OR R51727 Connecting Rod
Piston $20
T23471 Early
​T55647 Later Connecting Rod Bushings, Balancer Shaft Bushings $10
AR58196 Marked R52880 Timing Gear Cover $25
440/A/B Throttle Linkage $50
AT18026 OR AR70144 
​440 Reman Injection Pump  $1050
Rebuilt Heavy Duty Hi Torque Gear Reduction 
Starter $300 Exchange​
R36538 Shaft 440 Injection Pump Shaft and Timing Gear   $125
​Marked T24440 Crankshaft Single Belt Pulley  $125​
T24440 Crankshaft Pulley Single Belt Flat Front   $125
440 Early Type Smaller Injection Pump  Drive Shaft $75

T20335 Filler Neck
​T20294 Oil Cap 
AT24252 45 Teeth Marked T26322
​Idler Gear $25​
Heavy Duty Clutch Disk 
   ​Pressure Plate
   **New**   $​425
​Resurfaced Flywheel
​for 440 
AT18179 AR66726
​Base Pan for 4219 $75​
AT23045,AT24254 Suction Screen for 4219 $25​
T30064 Syncro Or T26517 Powershift Engine Front Mount and Pump Mount $100
4219 Engine block Have 2 Styles
Orings in Block or on Liner​  $400
R84663 SUB for T20165  4219 Injection Pump Timing Gear $25
AT17389 Early Fuel Filter Base for 440  $35
AR50040 Square Fuel Filter Base $45​
AT18015 Without Turbo AT28926 With Turbo Valve Cover $20
R55967 Waterpump to Thermostat Cross Over Tube and R56461 Orings
T20297 4219
​Push Rods ​$5 each
T20073  4219 Lifter Tappet
  ​$10 each
​Marked T20013 T20070 Gear​ Camshaft $75
**New**or Reman Turbo AT28925, RE30028 $650
​55 Teeth Marked R70182 Idler Timing Gear​ 
AT21535 Dipstick T24410 or R55301 440,A,B Dipstick or Tube $9.00
​Tubes From Waterpump To Oil Cooler $15
T20249 4 Cyl Exahust Manifold $100 OR
​**New** $200
TRE44574**New** One Piece  Rear Main Seal FITS Most JD Engs                $36.19
AR89564 Turbo or Non Turbo Injectors $75
R123513  ​4 Cyl Rockershaft $20
Turbo Drain Lines $15
R55126 Lower R55125 Upper  Oil Cooler Steel Pipes $10 each
​Marked R54615 Oil  Pump  $75
​Marked T23519 Crankshafts New or Used
AT27270,AT33841 JD 440A,B **New** Radiator Call for pricing
​ Waterpump Impeller $15
AT15172,AT10638 Glass Bowl and Clip for Transfer Pump $20
RE62658, RE19507 Waterpump Kit Bearing Seal
​T56993  Powershift Rad Shroud $50
Rear Engine Mount Many Styles
​2  Bolt T25117,T31946
​or 3 Bolt Starters Or Universal Housings $75
Used Radiator
for Syncro JD 440​
AT30260 ​
​Flywheel Fits 4219,4239,4276,6359
     AT33936 **New** Exhaust Elbow Manifold to Muffler JD 440    $125​
​T20218 Marked

ALT Belt Guard
        T23632 Marked  JD Water Pump 
Thermostat Neck
Intake Pipe
​45 Angle
Intake Pipe
​90 Angle
Intake Pipe
Intake Pipe