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Rebuilt Steering Valve
​JD 440C,540B,640
$1600 Exchange​
​​Good Core 

JD 540B, 640 Hydraulic Manifold $375
AR32700 440,A,B Steering Valve Top Section $500
     AR44883 440,A,B Steering Valve Plate $300
AR62578 or AR62651 440C,540B,640 Steering Valve Center Plate $600
T39823 Steering Flow Control Valve for 440,A,B or 540,A $150 with Exchange
AR78405 Sub for T22875 Steering Wheel **New** $75
AL155227 **New** Steering Wheel Cap $36
AT167266 ​​Charlyn
2131059001 349
​​Style Steering Valve 340D, 440C,440D, 540B, 540D Used 
​**New** $1725
AE46834 **New** 540B,540D Newer Style Steering Valve Kit $72
AR37080,R42115 R37425,R42115 Steering Center Section $250
T37555 540B,640 Priority Valve Spool in Manifold            $100
AT20102 Repacked Rechromed Rod 440,A,B Double Acting Steering Cyl $650 with Exchange
AT20677 Used JD 440,A,B Steering Cyl Rod $275 Rechromed $400 Exchange
    AT20675 JD 440,A,B Steering Cyl Barrel Double Acting $650
​Heavy Duty $750
     AT20681 JD 440,A,B Steering Cyl Barrel Single Acting $350
    T34464 JD Tube       Steering Guide           Early 440
   T19828  JD Tube Steering   Guide Later 440          $375
AT20103 Repacked Rechromed Rod 440,A,B Single Acting Steering Cyl $650 with Exchange
AU41828 Rechromed Steering Cyl Rods AU41828 for 440C, 540B  with Exchange 
RE10193 RH RE10194 LFT Repacked 340D,440C,540B,D Steering Cyl $650 with Exchange​
AR102726  540B,D Smaller Steering Cyl Barrel Later Machines  $275
**New** JD 440,A,B,C, 540,A,B and 640 Steering Packing Kits $25 to $50
AT23980 Right AT23981 Left JD 440,A,B Steering Front Mount Used $100  Fabricated with New Bushings $200 each
T22223 JD 440,A,B Steering Pins Used     $85
AT40976 **New** 440,A,B Steering Bushing $27
AT66633, T59402 JD 440C, 540B, 540D and 640 Steering Pins
T59402 **New**
​Steering Rod Pin $70 
T55578,AT66633 $145*New*​Steering Barrel  Pin​
    AT54529 **New** 440C, 540B and 640 Steering Bushing $55
AT20134 440,A,B Rebuilt Blade Cyl $650with Exchange 
RE14083 540B Rebuilt Blade Cyl $650 with Exchange 
AT43862 640 Blade Cyl Rebuilt $600
U42642 Blade
​Gland 440,A,B
U17299 OR U17300 440,A,B Blade Cyl Piston $45
AR105432 Blade Kit 540B **New** Cyl Packing Kits for Blade $46
AR40824 Marked R41197 Early Style Selective Control Valve (Blade Valve) Parts
AT56852 JD 440C Blade Control Valve with exchange $400
AT58789  440,A,B Blade Spool Valve to Convert Selective Control to New Style               $400
  AT43395 Blade Valve 540B,640,D
**New**Replacement     Blade Spool Valve
  ​​ 440,A,B Convert  Selective Control To  New Style  $400
AR37021 440,A,B Steering Valve
​Piston and Shaft                $50
R40149 JD 440,A,B Steering Valve Locking Collar $20
R51748 440,A,B,C, 540,A,B 640 Steering Valve End Plate $50
R37556 Priority Valve 540B,640
AT67187 540B,D Steering Valve Steel Pipe to Cyl                $50
AR39672 JD 440 or 540 Accumulator           $175
R48957 OR R47912 Accumulator End Caps 440C, 540B, 640 $45 each
T78704,Filter Base
​R63093,Filter Covers
​R82731 Screw
​Filter Housing
​D series update your 540B      $120
          R86770   JD 440C,D,540B,D,640,D 740,570,670,770,410B,
​510B,710B Rebuilt Differential Lock Valve with Exchange                           $400
R58521 340D, 440C,D 540B,D 640,D Differential Lock Pedal $85
AT30373 Complete or AT80421 Relief 440,A,B ​Relief Valve   $125
AR40029 or AR405617 440,A,B,C, 540,A Priority Valve Housing $150
R40561 or R48528 440,A,B,C, 540,A Priority Valve Spool    $50
AR73149 JD 440C, 540B, 640 Rebuilt Brake Valve $350 with exchange
    AR37038  Brake Valve Fitting For 440

AT27896 OR AT48499 Blower Fan or AT26967 or AT48500 for Sucker Fan 540A Oil Cooler for Power shift Trans $200 23" long 1.5" thick
440,A,B Hyd Oil Cooler for Standard transmissions $250 19.5" long 1.5" thick
         AT46100                  AT69455,AT79204        440C OR 540B           $500 Used
        ​Oil Cooler $750
AR67383, AR102245 640 Style Hyd Pump $1200 with Exchange
**New** 3CU IN Hydraulic Pump Fits 340D, 440,A,B,C,D 540,A,B,D, 640 $1200 Exchange
Standard Pump Pressure Fitting on Left R45438
​Metric Pressure Fitting on RT T45111
AR38714 or R49071 JD Rebuilt Stroke Control Valve Standard Early Style    $125
AR10632 or RE12470 JD Rebuilt Stroke Control Valve Metric Later Style  $125
RE29103 **New** Early Pump Repair Kit $60
T28148 Powershift Hyd Pump Drive Adaptor $120
T51169 or T37093 Pump Drive Shaft for 440C, 540B,       640      $200
    R34359 Hydraulic Pump Drive Shaft for 440,A,B Used             $85 
R34359 **New** Hydraulic Pump Drive Shaft for 440,A,B  $125
R79152  **New**
​Style Hyd Pump Shaft Metric Series Seal on Shaft  $125
T20420 Syncro Hyd Pump Adapter $80
R34360 **New** Screw $8 and AR49427 Bushing          $3 each
R34362 440,A,B 540,A,B Hyd Pump Drive Split Coupler Clamp Used $10 New**$19 each
L34569 **New** Hyd Pump Drive Rear Coupler $16
R78202 **New** Rubber Hyd Pump Drive Isolater $12
L34432 **New** Hyd Pump Drive Front Coupler            $20
AT320800 Linde 63-01 JD 690E Swing Motor Cores $250 
AH83835 JD Rotate Motor 640 Grapple            $300
AT21724 **New** 450C Suction Screen $25
    T47977  440C,540B Steering Cyl Piston $​350
 R14087 Boom Cyl ,
​AT42696 Arch Cyl   648,D  Cyls $550 Complete Many Grapple Parts
AT43576  640 Grapple Cyl 
AT128798, AT76992, TP54224 Hyd Pump For 648D  $800
T27276 Hyd
​Pump Driveshaft
AT144879 **New** Hyd Oil Filters 544E,G,624E,G,
 $50 Each​
REBUILT 540,A Steering Valve Reman                 $1300 With Exchange
U42853 540,A Steering Cyl Guide $150
U17349 Piston $75
U17345 Piston ​$75
U42078 Guide $95
​​540B Blade Cyl Pistons & Guides
AR87620 ,R37432 R48661 440 Brake Valve $250
​440C Blade Cyl
AT61106 Charlyn Steering Column 340D,440C,D,540B,D
410B,510B,670,770​            $140
AH135251 JD 640G Steering Cyl Rod And Piston $200
AT114142 Single Funtion Grapple Control Valve 540B,D,640
AT35121,AT19957 440,540  Blade Fittings Goes Through Frame
​John Deere Hyd Filter 540B   $48
 Hyd Motor For
​Viper Screen
T44548 Blade Cylinder Adapter Fitting $18 each
T41655 Blade Control Lever 
Cyl Eye Weld on Rod
​ Later Blade Control   Cable 540B,D,640,D
​540,A Steering Cyl 
Left Single Port
Steering Valve Housings​
     ​ JD 440
​ Steering Valve    Center ​Plate $300
AH170270 Left AH170271 Right
​648G I,II,III Arch Cyls 
​AH168542 648G I,II,III Blade Cyls
​648G I,II,III Steering Cyls
648D Grapple
​Rotating Motor Gears 
Rotating Manifold​
H1353​  Solinoid Valve
Rexroth Sigma Joystick for
​JD 690E OR 653 229581
​540E,G 640E,G
​740E,G Differantal Lock &Park Brake Valve
AT157998 548E,648E,740E Differental Lock&Park Brake Solinoid Valve
AT184449 Drive Motor FOR JD 653E,G
​&JD 690E
540D Priority Valve
648G Grapple Control Valve
648E Grapple Control Valve
648E Grapple Control Valve
​Log Loader Control Valve Spool Style Linkage
Husco Control
Pilot Controls​ Style for Hood Log Loader
AT160028, AT161700
​648E Grapple Control Valve
        ​JD 690E            Control   Valve
​Grapple Rotate Solinoid Control Valve for 648G
Joystick Pilot Control
​653E,G Joystick Control Valve
Adapter Plate For Hydraulic  Valves
T16134 648E,G Cold Weather
​Destroke Solinoid Valve FITS over 100 Machines 
Solinoid Valve Block for 690 E Pro-Pack Delimber
690E ,653 Drive Motor
​Counter Balance Valves
690ELC Valve Section For Excavator or
Adapter Fitting 
Adapter Fitting
**New** Update for T27276 for 540, 540A Hyd Pump Driveshaft $180
AT336636  Accumulator
Solinoid Valve for Pro Pac
   AT154525  80,190E,490E
​690E,790E Joystick Pilot Control Valve
Single Block Control valve 4 Spool Pilot Operated
​653E Pilot Pressure Manifold Valve
​648G Steering Barrel
2807572 Casting Number    JD Bulldozer Hyd Pump
​640 Steering
​ Cylinder Piston

​540B Steering Cyl Guide 
540,A Blade Cyl 
AT53590, AT59870 AT62401
​540B HYD
Filter Housing
​Blade Valve 440D Can use on 440C Also   $400
Steering Valve
Reman $1300With Exchange

    T54058     540B Grapple Rotate Gear 16 Teeth
    T73400              540B ,640 Grapple Rotate Gear
​22 Teeth
     T77648      ​Grapple Control
Valve Linkage Dual Function
548E Hyd Control Valve/Manifold
     AT162069 548E,648E,748E Rotate Motor
​T108084 Disk
690E Pump Drive
Pro-Pac Cross over Relief For Staffa Motor 
   AT171634 643D,G 653E,G 843G  Solinoid Valve
540B Steering Cyls Showing Difference RT&Lft
Lft Steering Cyl 
AT46510  540B Rt Steering Cyl
​        653E,G 
​ Manifold For Pump
Log Loader
​Hyd Pumps 
RE33468 6 CU IN Rebuilt Pump
648D Newer Style
AT1144063                         AT179330      Two Types of Steering Cross Over Relief for 640D,648D 
Char-lynn Steering Valve Cross Over Relief To Convert From Older
249415 Pump Casting Number
1002427 Motor Casting Number
169-5871 Casting Numbers
JD 640 Guide for Steering Cyl

690E,653E,G Swing Gear Pinion
648G Hyd Pump End Cover
Gear Pump Dozer
PTO  Pump &Shaft 
Truck or Loader Air Compresser
Pump Parts​​​​​​
Pump Parts
653E,G 690E,Swing Gearbox parts
Air Conditioner Compresser Pulley $45
Log Loader Pump
Pumps & Hyd Motors Many to Choose From 
AT114029 sub AT76940 540B,540D,640,640D Hyd oil cooler **New** $1100
AT353936 460D, 648GII, 648GIII Hyd pump $2450 **New**
640 Steering Cyl Packing Kit
540D Steering Cyl Packing Kit
640 Rechromed Steering Cyl Rod
440 Blade Valve
422881 and 3708456
Brueninghaus​ Hydromatik
​ Drehrichtung
​24969 Bent Axis Motor
Drive Motor
​ GG241352 Bent Axis Motor
820004 KYB
REXROTH​ Bent Axis Motor
​ 000944 0824​


Bent Axis Motor​
       R42115 Steering Valve Center Housing
R85389 JD Crankshaft Pulley
Relief Valve Block
DBE10X2G260+/-5PS8-GO3 LINDE​
Relief Valve Block​​
Says Auger/Spinner
Flow Control Valve ​
Solinoid​​ Block
Linde Counter Balance Valve
Linde Valve
Relief Valve
Relief Valve
Pilot&Saw Pump
Pilot Pump