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Rebuilt Steering Valve
​JD 440C,540B,640
$1200 Exchange​
​​Good Core 
​Broken Housing $1500
JD 540B, 640 Hydraulic Manifold $375
AR32700 440,A,B Steering Valve Top Section $400
AR44883 440,A,B Steering Valve Plate $300
AR62578 or AR62651 440C,540B,640 Steering Valve Center Plate $600
T39823 Steering Flow Control Valve for 440,A,B or 540,A $150 with Exchange
AR78405 Sub for T22875 Steering Wheel **New** $75
AL155227 **New** Steering Wheel Cap $25
AT167266 ​​Charlyn
2131059001 349
​​Style Steering Valve 540B,640 **New** $1600 
AE46834 **New** 540B,540D Newer Style Steering Valve Kit $55
AR37080 440 Steering Center Section $250
T37555 540B,640 Priority Valve Spool in Manifold            $100
AT20102 Repacked Rechromed Rod 440,A,B Double Acting Steering Cyl $650 with exchange
AT20677 Used JD 440,A,B Steering Cyl Rod $275 Rechromed $400 exchange
    AT20675 JD 440,A,B Steering Cyl Barrel Double Acting $350
​Heavy Duty $450
     AT20681 JD 440,A,B Steering Cyl Barrel Single Acting $350
    T34464 JD Tube       Steering Guide           Early 440
   T19828  JD Tube Steering   Guide Later 440          $375
AT20103 Repacked Rechromed Rod 440,A,B Single Acting Steering Cyl $650 with exchange
AU41828 Rechromed Steering Cyl Rods AU41828 for 440C, 540B $375 with exchange
RE10193 RH RE10194 LFT Repacked 340D,440C,540B,D Steering Cyl $550 with exchange​
AR102726  540B,D Smaller Steering Cyl Barrel Later Machines  $275
**New** JD 440,A,B,C, 540,A,B and 640 Steering Packing Kits $25 to $50
AT23980 Right AT23981 Left JD 440,A,B Steering Front Mount Used $100  Fabricated with New Bushings $200 each
T22223 JD 440,A,B Steering Pins Used    $85
AT40976 **New** 440,A,B Steering Bushing $27
AT66633, T59402 JD 440C, 540B, 540D and 640 Steering Pins $95
T59402 **New**
​Steering Rod Pin $145 
T55578,AT66633 $142 *New*​Steering Barrel  Pin​
    AT54529 **New** 440C, 540B and 640 Steering Bushing $55
AT20134 440,A,B Rebuilt Blade Cyl $400 with Exchange or $500 Without
RE14083 540B Rebuilt Blade Cyl $400 with Exchange or $500 Without
AT43862 640 Blade Cyl Rebuilt $600
U42642 Blade
​Gland 440,A,B
U17299 OR U17300 440,A,B Blade Cyl Piston $45
AR105432 Blade Kit 540B **New** Cyl Packing Kits for Blade $46
AR40824 Marked R41197 Early Style Selective Control Valve (Blade Valve) Parts
AT56852 JD 440C Blade Control Valve with exchange $400
AT58789  440,A,B Blade Spool Valve to Convert Selective Control to New Style               $400
AT43395 Blade Valve 540B,640,D
**New**Replacement     Blade Spool Valve
  ​​ 440,A,B Convert  Selective Control To  New Style  $400
AR37021 440,A,B Steering Valve Piston and Shaft                $50
R40149 JD 440,A,B Steering Valve Locking Collar $20
R51748 440,A,B,C, 540,A,B 640 Steering Valve End Plate $50
R37556 Priority Valve 540B,640
AT67187 540B,D Steering Valve Steel Pipe to Cyl                $50
AR39672 JD 440 or 540 Accumulator           $175
R48957 OR R47912 Accumulator End Caps 440C, 540B, 640 $45 each
T78704,Filter Base
​R63093,Filter Covers
​R82731 Screw
​Filter Housing
​D series update your 540B      $100
          R86770   JD 440C,D,540B,D,640,D 740,570,670,770,410B,
​510B,710B Rebuilt Differential Lock Valve with Exchange                                 $300
R58521 340D, 440C,D 540B,D 640,D Differential Lock Pedal $85
AT30373 Complete or AT80421 Relief 440,A,B ​Relief Valve   $125
AR40029 or AR405617 440,A,B,C, 540,A Priority Valve Housing $150
R40561 or R48528 440,A,B,C, 540,A Priority Valve Spool    $50
AR73149 JD 440C, 540B, 640 Rebuilt Brake Valve $350 with exchange
    AR37038  Brake Valve Fitting For 440
AT27896 OR AT48499 Blower Fan or AT26967 or AT48500 for Sucker Fan 540A Oil Cooler for Power shift Trans $200 23" long 1.5" thick
440,A,B Hyd Oil Cooler for Standard transmissions $250 19.5" long 1.5" thick
         AT46100                  AT69455,AT79204              440C OR 540B           $500 Used
        ​Oil Cooler $700
AR67383, AR102245 640 Style Hyd Pump $1200 with exchange
**New** 3CU IN Hydraulic Pump Fits 340D, 440,A,B,C,D 540,A,B,D, 640 $1200 Exchange
AR56160, AR52952, AR99845 Reman Pumps for JD Machines, Skidders, and Tractors Standard and Metric Styles $950
Standard Pump Pressure Fitting on Left
​Metric Pressure Fitting on RT
AR38714 or R49071 JD Rebuilt Stroke Control Valve Standard Early Style    $125
AR10632 or RE12470 JD Rebuilt Stroke Control Valve Metric Later Style  $125
RE29103 **New** Early Pump Repair Kit $60
T28148 Powershift Hyd Pump Drive Adaptor $120
T51169 or T37093 Pump Drive Shaft for 440C, 540B,       640      $185
R34359 Hydraulic Pump Drive Shaft for 440,A,B Used                $85 
R34359 **New** Hydraulic Pump Drive Shaft for 440,A,B  $125
R79152  **New**
​Style Hyd Pump Shaft Metric Series Seal on Shaft  $125
T20420 Syncro Hyd Pump Adapter $80
R34360 **New** Screw $8 and AR49427 Bushing          $3 each
R34362 440,A,B 540,A,B Hyd Pump Drive Split Coupler Clamp Used $10 New**$19 each
L34569 **New** Hyd Pump Drive Rear Coupler $16
R78202 **New** Rubber Hyd Pump Drive Isolater $12
L34432 **New** Hyd Pump Drive Front Coupler            $20
AT320800 Linde 63-01 JD 690E Swing Motor Cores $250 
AH83835 JD Rotate Motor 640 Grapple            $300
AT21724 **New** 450C Suction Screen $25
    T47977  440C,540B Steering Cyl Piston $​100
 R14087 Boom Cyl ,
​AT42696 Arch Cyl   648,D  Cyls $550 Complete Many Grapple Parts
AT43576  640 Grapple Cyl 
AT128798, AT76992, TP54224 Hyd Pump For 648D  $800
T27276 Hyd
​Pump Driveshaft
AT144879 **New** Hyd Oil Filters 544E,G,624E,G,
 $50 Each​
REBUILT 540,A Steering Valve Reman                      $1200 With Exchange
U42853 540,A Steering Cyl Guide $250
U17349 Piston $75
U17345 Piston ​$75
U42078 Guide $95
​​540B Blade Cyl Pistons & Guides
AR87620 ,R37432 R48661 440 Brake Valve $250
​440C Blade Cyl
AT61106 Charlyn Steering Column 340D,440C,D,540B,D
410B,510B,670,770​            $140
Tooth Bar Cutting Edge &Teeth For Small Tractor Or Skidsteer
AH135251 JD 640G Steering Cyl Rod And Piston $200
AT114142 Single Funtion Grapple Control Valve 540B,D,640
AT35121,AT19957 440,540  Blade Fittings Goes Through Frame
​John Deere Hyd Filter 540B   $48
 Hyd Motor For
​Viper Screen
T44548 Blade Cylinder Adapter Fitting $18 each
T41655 Blade Control Lever 
Cyl Eye Weld on Rod
​ Later Blade Control   Cable 540B,D,640,D
​540,A Steering Cyl 
Left Single Port
Right Double Port​​
Steering Valve Housings​
     ​ JD 440
​ Steering Valve    Center ​Plate $300
AH170270 Left AH170271 Right
​648G I,II,III Arch Cyls 
AH134486,AH168542 648G I,II,III Blade Cyls
​648G I,II,III Steering Cyls
648D Grapple
​Rotating Motor Gears 
Rotating Manifold​
H1353​  Solinoid Valve
Rexroth Sigma Joystick for
​JD 690E OR 653 229581
​540E,G 640E,G
​740E,G Differantal Lock &Park Brake Valve
AT157998 548E,648E,740E Differental Lock&Park Brake Solinoid Valve
AT184449 Drive Motor FOR JD 653E,G
​&JD 690E
540D Priority Valve
648G Grapple Control Valve
648E Grapple Control Valve
648E Grapple Control Valve
540B Grapple Control Valve
​Log Loader Control Valve Spool Style Linkage
Husco Control
Pilot Controls​ Style for Hood Log Loader
648E Graapple Control Valve
        ​JD 690E            Control   Valve
Grapple Rotate Solinoid Control Valve for 648G
Joystick Pilot Control
653E,G Joystick Control Valve
Adapter Plate For Hydraulic  Valves
 648E,G Destroke Solinoid Valve 
Solinoid Valve Block for 690 E Pro-Pack Delimber
690E ,653 Drive Motor
​Counter Balance
690E Valve Section for Excavator or Delimber
690E Valve Section For Excavator or
Adapter Fitting 
Adapter Fitting
**New** Update for T27276 for 540, 540A Hyd Pump Driveshaft $180
Differantal Lock &Park Break Valve
AT336636 Accumulator
Solinoid Valve for Pro Pac
690E Joystick pilot Control Valve
Single Block Control valve 4 Spool Pilot Operated
653E Pilot Pressure Manifold Valve
​648G Steering Barrel