2 NEW Bars 11 BC Oregon 36 1/2 inches long 5 1/2 inches wide. with numbers 371SNCV127QC for $75 each
5 NEW Bars 36 1/2 inches long 6 1/2 inches wide for $75 each
New Bearings and Some Rings for a Cummings N14 Engine $75
Large Venting Louvers&Control Motors $150 or Best Offer
Small Ventilation
​ Louver For Shop or Generator $100 OBO
R58180,T25920 R63192 16 or 18 Inch Universal Bell housing  for JD Engine $150
RE20434 New Steering Arch Packing
Make Offer​
R30410 540 540A Transfer Pump Spring  $3.59
RE20434 New 540-648-748 E&G Steering Arch Packing Blade  $49.35

AM118390 New Hyd. Cyl.Seal Kit 45 Loader $ 35
T54629 New 540G 640G Washer Standard Input Housing OSC. $4.68
RE45312 New E-G Series Input Yoke/Quill Seal Kit
RE37627 New 540,640&740 E-G Series Output Shaft Seal  $28.72
John Deere Misc. Items for sale
J-KEquipment.com   207-416-3510   207-478-1301 JDParts50@gmail.com
AW15058 New 148 Loader Lift Cyl. $35
R10860 New 540E Series Stacking Blade Seal $14.94
D-47204 and D-47203 Hyd Cyl. Seal Kits for Loader/Backhoe, Crawler Tractor, Wheel Loader, Wheel Tractor, and Tree Skidders $20 Each 
R54642 Eng Rear Cover Fits JD 550, A, B,555, A, and B $100​
AT79028 **New** 440 Upper Center Pin Bushing Kit for Syncro Range $450
Napa Gold 1262 Hyd filter. Fits Cummins and Forklifts $8
Baldwin BT355 Filter Fits Ford and New Holland $8
Pulp Loader Stick to Grapple Link $75
T75360  JD 450,C,D,E 550,B,555 Final Drive Axle $200
AT27817 OR AT36739 John Deere Loader Intake $75
6 Cyl Loader Universal Bell housing $150
Tractor Weight  $100
***************** Loader Yokes and Shafts *******************
Drott Torque Converter Pump $300
Yanmar Gearbox and Drive Motor 20450-534 OR MAG-33V-450-1 4309  K.730Y     402 23 03 -2- 30084330-18 $250
KTA020-20600 Massey Fergerson Tractor Clutch Low Hrs $75
AT36527 JD 450,B,C 550
​ 2or 3 Spool Dozer Blade Control Valves $200
AT19935 Fabericated 440,A,B  Battery Box
AT21724 450C Trans Suction Screen $25
AT50617 540B,D,640 Clutch Disconnect Lever $ 50
T62507 Brake Pedal for 540B,640 $45
AT42490 Rad Cover $45
Misc Box of New Elect Parts
AT80042 Battery Cover In Hood $75
JD 493 Misc Parts Solinoids Pilot Caps Pressure Regulator 
Rotosaw Saw Intermittent Saw Motor Brass End Plates $100
AT152021, AT165681
JD 690E Duration Pump
Regulator Valve
 $ 175
AR62244 JD 350,1020,2020,480,
​440 Dozer Gas Eng Carberator $50
Viper Screen Shaker Screen Motor $150
T50217 JD 440C,540B,640
Suction Screen in Fuel Tank $95 ​
Clark Wheel Studs $5 Each​
AT20447,AT26013 Marked T27790 Brake Pedals $45
HRC 145150 Dampner Drive Coupling
Delco Alt Dust Screen  $20
AT158172 540E,640E,740E **New** Grapple Dampner Disks $175
AT165600 **New** Door Latches $60
AT184184  Cab Window Seal 643D, 653E, 653G, ​840G, 840H
T77371 640,740 **New** Grapple Dampner Disk 
AT131460 JD 493D Wiring Harness              $150
JD 80 Door Latch Ball Joint 4369640 + 4369638 Nut 14M7272 + 14M7139 Rod 4369636 Bracket 4369641 Rod 4369637
AT214054 JD 80 Excavator Wiper Motor
AT201336 653E Throttle Cable $125
AT205187 653E Boom Shims
​3" Hole

​653E Pin Retaining Plate 
653E Boom Pin
Hand Throttle Cable $100
  T155038 OR MPT10658 KIT  **New** Seat                 Belt 
Sunstrand Hydrostatic Pump was in Roller $350
R123543 Valve Cover Gasket Powertech Engine And Most Newer Engine  $10
   AT181908           Pilot Cap
Joystick Switch 
AT70268 **New** 750 Dozer UJoint
         $ ​90
AT24860 Panel 440 Single Lever Dash Standard Shift $100
410D, 510D,
544E, G, 624E, G,
643, D 653E   
 Return Filter
​$ 30
      Misc Shims
Skidder Tool Box
T145296 Cover
U46506 Wiper Arm Clip $1
3S5017 3306 Eng **New** Catipiller Exhaust Elbow  $250
51258387 Generator
Mounting Bracket
New Holland ​Lock 
8039 Casting # 2772 Throw Out Fork
Lovejoy L-095 1.000
AT28764 Panal for 440A,540,A Powershift  $100
AT44058 Exaust Clamp Guard
​Used $100

Gresen Cross Over Relief Valve
**New** Battery Disconnect $45​
T39794, T89794, T29591 Transmission Oil Cooler for 644,A $100
​T90080 Grapple
​AT77414,T90030 Link
AT78444 GrappleTongs 

​AT30648,540A Adjustable Arch 
540A Dash Parts
LH T22049,T28889
​RH T22048,T28888​
Foot Guard​ $60
Hoods for 440,540B
Gearmatic Winch
for Parts​
540B,640 Weld On Step
640 Grapple Pins
AT40979,AT40986 640 GrappleTongs
T21690 Fan Shrouds 440,540B
AT63883 Skidder Cab Doors            $200 Each
4311737 690E Front Window Frame& Seal $75
AH136376,RE14101 RE33570
​640 Grapple Cyl
540 Front Rad Guard  $100
     AR27869   ​440,A,B,540,A    Rad Cover
Aux Drive Gear Cover
Universal Engine Bell Housings Cover
RE10487 Arch Cyls in and Out or Up and Down  $500 
AT22882 440,540 Exhaust Pipe Guard $50
​Blade Cyl Hose Guard $75
Articulation Frame For Repairing A Bad Centerpin Hole Weld on
AT53009, AT80042 
​(SUB FOR AT60956)
​Battery Cover
              $ 85
​440 Fuel Filler Shield $30
​Seat BaseFrame  
 440C540B,640     $275 Exchange
Base Pans For Engines Many to Choose From
RE14087 Arch Cyl for 640 Grapple Machine $650
648D Yoke Grapple Brakes Disks,Retainer,Pins              $650
​440C Center Bellypan​​
AT54016,AT54018 Pump Pressure Line To Manifold 540B,640
648D,G Air Intake Pre-Cleaner $75
AT42490,AT37036 540B Radiator Cover $45
440,A,B Battery Box $250
540,B,D,640,B,D Seat Base $350 Exchange 
Universal Joint 
RN Series 1810 Half Round R676X​
Rockford Powertrain CL60346 fox
Spicer Dana 10-3-29X
7/8 50. Sleeve Yoke​
   1522 Precision
​U- Joint Yoke
1527 Precision    U-Joint Yoke
  ​U-Joint​ Yoke
9811 Presicion  Center Bearing
Cat 525 U-Joint                  7V4077
Rain Cap For Exhaust
Backhoe Bucket Link
12 Volt Elect Fuel Pump For Fueling Up Machines Good Working
Cab Heater Cores
Cab Heater Cores
John Deere
​Technical  Manuals
Tech Manuals
Cab Heater Core
Skidder & Log Loader Heater Core
Tin Work for 440,540A,B,D,640
Engine Basepans Many to Choose from 
​540 Fuel Tank                $600 Sealed and Tested
1 7/16 or 1.4375 Linkbelt ​Eccentic Collar Locking $50
AP36008 OR 5005387 
​JD 80 Excavator
​ Cab Escape
​ Top Hatch Door 
​         $125
​JD 80 Excavator
​Rear Doors
We Have Many Pins of All Sizes Small to Huge & long Big & Small Give us your Meaurements  Needs
440C,540B,D,640,D **New**Fuel Cap 
440A,B **New ** Fuel Cap
440,A,B,540,A Rear end Mounting Clamp $45
Grapple Brake Parts Disks&Pads
Grapple Brake Disks Tab Holders
Grapple Brake Parts Disk&Pads
Grapple Brake Pin&Nut
 #1 Detroit Diesel Engines  In Line 71 Parts Catalog          Set OF 4
664D & 665D Clark Ranger Operators Manual
GM Diesel in line 71 Parts Book               $50
GM In line 53 Engine Parts Book
#2Detroit Diesel Inline 71 parts Catalog 
#3 Detroit Diesel Engine Parts Catalog 
350 TJ Parts Manual
664D Parts Manual
350 &380 TJ Operator& Service Manual Clark 28000&28300 Transmission
JD 770A&772A Technical Manual           $100
30 32 33
​91E 92E 93N 94N
Michigan Shop Manual 
7Y0594 Cat Coupling $175
​for CAT Excavators $200
Tooth for
​ Feller Buncher
Tooth Shanks For 310D
​ Loader Backhoe
Twist Lock Tooth
T23957 Strap 
​ For Dozer Limb Riser
AT158172 Grapple Head Separator Plate with Facing $175 each have 3 left
Truck Hydraulic Pump
Truck Hydraulic Pump
4028503- 4029510
Model​ 28T11C3C
SPEC 5341A​
​​Funk Disconnect Clutch
 C8176 Funk 
Model 28T10C4C
Spec 9657A​​
Disconnect Clutch​
1J18 6158 
Disconnect ​Cluch Parts
4028504 4028501 6030
H50-25  6212-2RS
Disconnect Clutch​​​​​
Disconnect ​
​ Clutch Fork
Disconnect Clutch 
A10AT17 Disconnect Clutch Handle
Pump Drive to Flywheel  Adapter
Pump Drive to
​Flywheel Adapter
​310 OR 410 LBH
Radiator  ​Side Shield 
E195 255 231 02 01-12
Twin Disc
A6506B   1A24​​
WF1  2H21​​
648 E-G Cab Jacks
 Seat Frame & controls for a    653 -E,G Fellerbuncher
Air ride seat
Dash light cluster.
Whole pallet of Hydraulic Hoses
make a offer $$​
Joystick Control and switches
Fuse Panel cover 648E,G
Cab Fan
T149113 OR T141050 648G Gear select cover
Flywheel to Pump Drive Adapter