John Deere 440A 540,A 540B 640,D Power Shift                                 Transmissions
AT43951 440A  540A or Early 540BTransmission Pack Supports $75
R48176 or R52228 540B Transmission Pump Gear $100
R41404  JD 540B Transmission    Pressure Regulator Valve $125
Reman AR32127 or AR69616 540B Transmission  Pump Backing Plate Ex Cond $200
R46451 or R52229 Trans Pump Gears $100 
RE20580 C3 Hub for a 540B Power Shift $150
AR55464 B-3 540D Marked  R51321
​ Brake Pack Hub For Power Shift  
AT43959 Tight Shift Linkage For a 540B or 640 Skidder $135 Exchange
​Marked R65497 C1 Hub Spring Type $400

R51623 B-2   JD Brake Pack Hub For Power Shift $200
R33040 B-2 Brake Pack Hub For JD 540B&D Power Shift $250
R59494 540A C1 Hub Disk Washer Type $300
R51323 B-4 540D  Brake Pack Hub For Power Shift $200
RE62596 540B Hyd. Manifold For a Power Shift $750
AR71822 or AR69621 C2 Hub For Power Shift $200
**New** Shift Cable AT83335 1-8 or Sub AT43961 $150
​ AT83336 Forward and Reverse $150   207-416-3510   207-478-1301
​AR58796, R56454
440A,​540,B,D 640
Smaller $1200
R53157 ​​Standard $1500
​ R68861 Larger Grapple Reman Transmissi
on Pumps $1800
We also Carry New​
T77578 JD 540B Aux Drive Gear $75
AR32104 Earlier AR89865 Later  JD 540B Piston and Cover for C3 Hub $100
R49262, JD 540B C3 Hub 95 External, 22 Internal 4 Disk $150
R33009 JD Brake Pack Planetary Housing 440A, 540A  $200
Marked R41152
​R63985 Sub AR45381 Marked R44164 540B Clutch Valve $175 with exchange
AT26071 JD 540A Throw Out Bearing Shaft   $45
AT58367,AT74542 R79896,R78541
​4 Styles To Choose from  Brake Pack Shaft C3 $100
R79859 R44814 or AR46412 High Low Shaft from C1 Clutch Pack $275
AR46369 540A Transmission to Engine Shaft $250
AT56163 540B Suction Screen $45
540/A/B T50335 (31 and 21 teeth) and T53779
​(31 and 24 teeth) ​JD 540 B Clutch Good Splines Shaft $850
AR83300 AR89860 HD 540B OR 640 Larger Planetary For Brake Pack $1200
  Reman  C1- C2 Transmission &  Pump for a 540B,D or 640
$6500 with exchange​
R67607 B1  JD
​ Brake Pack Hub 540B,D,640,670A,
​4040, 4240, 4440  $350
​Marked R64148 JD 540B Brake Pack Hub B3  $200
​Marked R41377 JD 540B Brake Pack Hub B3 $200
R33043 B-2  JD 540B Brake Pack Hub for Power Shift $200
​Marked R49257 Pinoin Third Planet Sun Fits 570, 570A, 710B, 710C, 610B, 570B, 410C, 510C, and 610C
​ $75 Each
AR10337 540B C1 Gears $75 Each
AR69622 540B C2 Gears ​$75 Each
440,540A Shift Collar Towing Disconnect 
​R33223 or T42978
​R33264 16Teeth $100​
410C,440A,540,A,B 570,A,B,510C,610B,C
​26 Inner ​42 Outer Teeth Planetary Gear $75
R49260 27 Teeth 440,540,A,B,570,A,B
Early ​Style Planetary Gear $75
T26682 540A Aux Drive Gear $75
T44914 440A 540A Aux Driveshaft Good Splines ​$75  
540B Aux Drive Shaft T77578 OR T44914  22&27 Teeth with Gear T44918  63 Teeth $75 Each​
R41039 Piston for C1,C2 and C3 for Spring Style Hub $35
R33588  Reman 540B,640 Shift Valve 1-8 Fwd & Rev $325
AR89865 Marked R33012 Complete C3 Resealed Pack $295
​15 Tooth  2.48 Long Planetary Gears $75 Each
R49259  Early Style short
​17 Tooth 1.97 Planetary gears $75 Each
R61647 Planetary 20 inner  Teeth 1.30 Opening Gear Larger Center  ​$80
    R49258  Earlier 22 Teeth Line on Tooth  or R51063 24 Teeth No Line RE19049 HD Planetary Gears     $75 Each
R33091 Planetary 17 Inner Teeth Gear 440A,500A,C,510
​1.07 Opening  Smaller Center Early Style $80
R65914 16&24 540B,D,640,670,A
​672,A Later Style Planetary Gears
​3 FOR $ 200
R51062 Planetary 540B,D,640,670,A
​Gear Line on Gear 24 Teeth Later Style $75 
T26677 440&540 JD Output Shaft Housing 
Out of Stock​
540B,640,D Heavy Duty BrakePack Complete with New Seals and New Discs $45​00  Exchange
RE16649 C1 Plate with an Approx .370 Lip $75
AR46233 C1 Plate  Approx .165 Lip $75
​Marked R82483
​ C1 Washer Style $1500
​ Park Brake Caliper for 440C,540B,640 
AT27022 Engine Disconnect Throw Out Bearing Holder for 540,A,B  $100​
AT43874, AT161355 Park Brake Pads for 440C,540B 
​*New* $300 for the set
T118775 or T44761  540B,D,640,D
​27 Teeth  Trans Output Shaft $950
AT25949 440,A,540/A
​ 15"3/4 Long  Transmission Output Shaft $950 Good Used
AT25493 540A Clutch Housing Front Cover  $85 T50336
T44766 540B Trans Idler Gear $150
T44928 540B Trans Output Shaft Gear $175
RE17162 Brake Pack Disc with Inner Spline **New**  $38 Each
R33047  JD 540B,640 ,670A, Brake Pack Separator Plate $140
R54750/ R39794 Trans Filter Cover 440C,540B $50
AR55423 18&33Teeth 440,A,410C,510C,
​610C540,A,B,500,A,C ​510,570,A,710,B,C
​Early Style Planetary  ​3  for $200
R227405,Or R33053 440A,540,A  Bronze Disks Used $20 **New**$39 Each
AT13161 Front Output Shaft  340D,440C,540B,640,D $21 ​AT44697 Rear Output 440C,540B,640 $25
​ 540A Shaft for Transfer Idler Gear $75
  T50105,AT114340,AT45166   30"1/4 Long 540B Rear Driveshaft Yokes& Steady Bearing Tight Unit  $650
 AT43219 Pressure Plate For Powershift JD 440,540,540B,640 

 AT142064 Clutch Disk for JD 540B, 640, 640D  $350 
19H3394,H343R R33054  Bolts Springs For Brake Pack $20
R42485 Rod T28500 Fork 440,540,A Trans Disconnect for Towing $ 50
T28897,R33240 Transmission Disconnect Lock Cam $50
​Transmission Disconnect Lock Arm $15
Throw out Bearing Shafts 3 Different Styles $50
T45124 Shifting Arm Foward To Reverse $45
T77514 Accumulator Piston and Springs $20
R47321,R79852 2 Styles Shifting Valve Cover $25
R72661 OR R26870 Shift Cables Clamps $1.00​
R48236 440,540A,B,D,
​​Steal Disks
​  Used $20
*​*New **$52
T45123 JD 540B,D 640,D Bellcrank For Control Valve Operating $90
T212123 T58410 Trans Suction Screen Gasket $8.25
**********************Clutch Housing, Brake Pack, Gear box Housings $350 Each***************************
​JD 440A,540,A Fuel & HYD Junction Block $50
T27428 Aux Drive Gear Cover 540,A $45
T29935 T30345,T29937 Park Brake Cover and Lever for 540,A $70
T45126 Shift Lever Cover
R49816 1-8 $50​R49817 Fwd & Rev
​Shift Levers Arms               $50 Each
​R46412,AR80535 Outer
​High Low Range Shaft               $75
​R44814 Inner 540A High Low Range Shaft $75
AR73255,R60487 Marked
​34 & 21 Teeth 540B
​Early Style C-1
​Clutch Shaft $200
R80174 Marked R57918
34&24 Teeth​ 540B C-1  
​Drive Shaft $200
AT42112,Marked T43194
​AT77178,Marked T78153
Transfer Case​ Housing
​Marked T43192
​Marked T43192 T58408
​Marked R51324 Or
​R82020 C-3 Cover $400
       Reman JD 540,B,D,640,D,GTrans          **New** Disks,Seals,Gaskets
With exchange​
Transmission Charge Line
​To Hydraulic Pump $100
​RE23000 Lft Older Style
RE27995 Rt Newer Style
C1 OR C2 Bronze Clutch Disk $27 Each
AR94516 *NEW**
​C3 Fiber Disks
​With Inner Spline
​Takes 4 Std
​or 5 HD 640 $22
R80813,R46391 Steal Disks for C1, C2 ,C3 
    ​$15 Each
T56374.T56952 Park Brake Rod
R73923 Piston For C1,C2,C3 For Washer Style Hub
33" Long 640D
​Rear Driveshaft
​Yokes & Steady Bearing
​Tight Unit $750
AT128864 Torsional Damper Fits JD 748G
​648G Torsional Damper  
T134131 Damper Cover
​ 640D Transfercase Cover
​540B Trans Cover
​ 540B,640 Trans Cover
R34140  C3 Sealing Rings
 Shift Valve

T26677 Nose Cone