John Deere Rear End and Brake Parts
440 AR55006, AR45525 or AR55007 440 and 540 Rear Oscillation Support $550
T20533 & R37440
​440 ,540 Oscillation Pin for Front End Have Good Used or Remachined Ones  $350
R75359   53 Teeth 440 and 440C Final Drive ​Ring Rear $200

​Rebuilt Final Drive
​22" ​Large Hub $1200 with Exchange 
R49427 440 Stub Shaft for Rear End (Syncro)$125
AR37043 or AR62179 Reman 440 Housing Complete with Ring Gear and  Pinion
​Frt $1700 Rear $1500
​with Exchange
R42868 440 and 540 Stub Shaft FinalDrive   (Powershift)​
​**New** .170 Thick   15 Teeth
​JD 540B Brake Disc $105
J-K 207-416-3510 or 207-478-1301
R33030, R69445 Sub R42900 or R52330 440 A and B Axle Housing Planetary Carrier  $150
440 A,B,C 540 A, B,  Planetarys $550 with Exchange
AT50954 Spicer Drive Shaft 540B 17'' T 20 1/2 $450 with Exchange
**New**Rear End Yoke Speedi- Sleeve $30 
R41902,R68347 JD 440 Differential Shaft $100
R42443   440 A, B, C,D 540 B, 640 Pinion Gear ​$95
R33493 FITS 440 A,B,C, D,540 A,B, D 640 Quill $75
R33492   FITS JD 440 A, B, C, D 540 A Quill ​$120
AR68266 ​Brake Pad Backing and Piston $40 good used
​Drive Line Steady Bearing 340D, 440C, 540B,548D,640
​**New** $100
Heavy Duty Option $190​
RE30076 ​JD Yoke 440C, 540B, 640 $425
RE18894 Rear
​JD 540B Rear End Ring Gear and pinion $450​
**New**​    $700
AR32483,AR93366 JD Backing Plate 540B  with exchange
JD 440, A, B or C Rear Center Section $300
​17"Closed Open 20" JD 540B Center Drive Shaft $500 Exchange
​**New** Splines $1000
AT316033 JD 648G III or 460DG TJ Engine to Transmission Drive Shaft $450
RE23084 540D,640,D,643 HD Axle Fine Spline $800
AR37043 ​Rebuilt Complete
Rear End for 440, 440A, 440B, 440C,​540B,640 with Exchange
AR74028 540B Complete Center Section Inspected 
​540D,710D Heavy Duty Fine or Course Planetary $750 
T56952 540B/640 Park Brake Rod   $125
R75358 57 Teeth 540B Final  Drive Ring    $275
R38500 540B
​3 Planetary Gears 
​$400 for Three
R63113  540B Planetary Pin $70 Each
T29635 Early 440,540A Rearend Pinion Yoke
​Keyway Center Strap style  ​$ 100
R37473 440 Near Steady Bearing $125
Loader Engine to Trans Yoke $50
440B,540A Rebuilt Final Drive 14" Small Hub $1000 with Exchange
540B Rebuilt Final Drive $1200 with Exchange
R47705 440A,540A 14" Hub Axle Shaft $650
R41640 440,540 22" Large Hub Axle Shaft $750
R41059 440,540 Axle $200
**New** Brake Pads for 540 or 640​​​ Trans Brakes ​R90085 $20 and ​
R37474 440&540 Under Fuel Tank to Rear End​​​​​​​​​​. $100
T45166 540B Beside Steady Bearing Rear Yoke Toward Rearend $325
 Good Splines!​
10 Tooth 4 3/4 Wide Course Spline for Loader  $50​
New Arrivals

AR94814- 640
​F​inal Drive Housing $650

     Reman Complete Final Drives For
​ 640 OR 640D $1,200 Exchange

​R68702 Marked R57816 Or R78146 640 Axles $650

​R69455- 640 Planetaries $650 with exchange

​AR92876- 640 ROAL Center Section​​​ $1750
AR37043 440 & 440C Frt Center Housing Only $750
 Driveshaft yoke              $50
AT27348 Marked T29325 440, 540 Park Brake Handle $55
​Marked T27790 440 Brake Pedal $35
**New** Oscillation Bushings JD 440 R35389,
​R91785, R78266 
T50269 **New** 440C Park Brake Rod $150
T20599 JD 440 Park Brake Disc in Trans  $375
**NEW** R37410 Heavy Duty Double Lip Pinion  Seal $30
R79900 OR R89240
​R79956, R69449 540B or 540D Heavy Duty Planetary Housing Fine or Course  $400
​ 540B Rear End Side Gear Clutches Ride on $100
R74869 540B Rear End side Gears Spiders Gears Ride on  $100
R30618 440,540 Axel Lock to Hub Large Axels $85​
 .280 Thicker
​Disk 16 Teeth JD 440A 540A  $150 
T74231 ,T83430
​Park Brake Housing
​Front Cover 340D,440D,540D 
T50105 With T45166  30" Tight Shaft with Yokes and Bearing $1200 26" shaft only​
R37475 Front Ujoint Plate 340,440,A,B 540A,B,D,640,D $250
**New** Oscillation Bushings JD 540B,640    R55523,​R91785,
T119079 OR AT71820 Universal Park Brake Gear Fits Both Yoke Types
340D,440D,540D​ $400
R77339  540B Stub Shaft   $200
R63112  440 Larger Planetary Pin $50​
T51443 NON Theaded Bolt Holes  $275

Many Yokes To Choose From 
440C Rebuilt Final Drives $1200 With Exchange
AT68162 440C,540B Park Brake Caliper  
New Cable 
RE18890 FRT
​ Marked R347406 OR RE18892  Marked R34875 Rear Ring And Pinion for 540 $750
AT26956 REMAN 540,A Parking Brake Pad $200 with   Exchange
AT29072 540,A REMAN Parking Brake Pad $150 with Exchange
RE46330 REMAN Bonded Brake Pads $65 Each with Exchange
RE23083 440C,540B Axel Shaft  $650​
 T47068 440C Driveshaft Tight Yokes & New Steady Bearing $1200 Exchange 
R37408  440 Front End Cover $75
​ 540B & 640 Front End Cover $100
RE10429.AR07898 540B OR 540D Final Drive Housing With Ring Gear Open Side or Bolt Holes $550
**New**AT31512 U-Joints 440,A,B,C,D 540,A,B,D
T28932 440A,& 540,A Park Brake Disc 
440C,540B Park Set Brake Pads &Spring Retainers Reman   $300 with Exchange
T56802 **New** Park Brake Disk
440C,540B,640 $550
R33138 Rearend Drain Plugs With Oring $10
T57548 18'' T27125 Oscillation Shims $5.00
648D Oscillation Support​ ​$200.00
R91790 640D Brake Disk 13 Tooth
​$275 Each
340D, 440C, 440D, 640,640D Drive Shaft
​10"M & 9"F Closed 19" Open 23.5"
$500​ Good Take Off
​**New** Splines $1000
Exchange​ AT114338
AT51769 540B Oscillation Pin Good Used $300 
640D Spicer Drive Shaft
        AT75168 340D,440D,540D
​640D Park Brake Valve $200  Exchange
AT32972 Parking Brake Latch 540,A     440,A,B  $50 Each

​340D,440D Rear End Housing With Ring & Pinion And Newer Style Park Break Mount Will Covert a 440C Also
Rebuilt Brake                  Valves
 $400​ With exchange
R80878  ROAG
​Male Side Gear
​710B,C ​$100
Differential Lock Gear​​ JD 540,A,B
   Differential        Lock Gear​
​ 440,A,B,540,A 
 500,A,C, 510​  858,3020,4030
Output Shaft Cover 570,A
440C OR 540B Park Brake
​AssemblePark Brake Handle,
​Cable​ Mount,Brake Caliper
**New **​​ Brake Disk& Pads
R69445 **New**
​Planetary 440,A,B,C
R78148   640D​ 
ROAL ​Planitary Gears $100
R78151 640D ROAL Planitary Pins 
T50343 440C Park Brake Bracket​​​​​​​              $25
R100117 640D ROAL Planitary Carrier
ROAL LEAD 2429 640D Rear end Center Housing Park Brake Sold Seperatly 
R78145 Ring Gear
Keyed or Splined Yokes UBolt Straps 
Flat Top Styles​
R78149 HD  OR R77338  STD 640D Stub Shaft Connects Planitary to Center Section $250
T106135 Lever
T77848  Support​
AT76925 Pin​
​340D,440D,540D,640D Park Break Handle 
    AR77085             RE19648 
​Sealing Ring Quill 440C,540B
​Park Brake Handle
New Only $325
T45165  640 Tight 33  OR 40"Shaft Yokes & NEW Steady Bearing $1200 28 1/2" or 35 1/2" shaft only
AT55563 440C Oscillation Pin 
**New** 11 3/4 Rear End Mounting Bolts 540B  $16
Strap Style Joint 
Fits Down in Yoke​
R107005 Same as YZ121052 
Planitary Ring Gear​
Planitary Ring Gear​
​Planitary Ring Gear
​648E,G 748E,G
​1400 Extreme Duty Planitary Ring Gear
1200,1400 Series
​748E Frt Planitary Ring Gear
​​ $850
​1200 Series Planitary Carrier  With or Without Gears&Pins Fits over 20 Different JD Machines
 AR90388   540B Oscillation Support              $200
640D Park Brake Complete Oil or Grease Style
 with Exchange or Rebuilt
R134726 Spider Gears Fits
Stub Shaft
$1200 Complete
Frontend LFT Twist
​TopRearend RT Twist Bottom 
Right Twist is Rearend
RE18893 Front
​JD 440C,540B,640
​Left Twist is Front End Used $500
**NEW** $725

R68347 540B Spider Gear Pin $100
1200 Series Final Drive Housing                  $650
Front Joint Assembly
​2 New Joints Center Plate
R63788  ROAL 540D Spider Gear Pin $100
Complete Planitary with Gears & Updated Washer $550
​Inner Disk                $300 
Rt Twist Ring Gear
​Spider Gears
 $100 Each
540D,B Housing With Solid Hole Mounting $550
       AT117553 **New**Park Brake         DisksUses 8 
          $75 Each
R68758 Older Style Planetary Washer $5
R48949 Newer Style Planetary Step Washer $40
   Female​            Bevel  Gear FITS Over 50 Models
Brakes for 1200,1400,1600
​Series JD Rear Ends Good Disks
R116184 Brake Plate
R68347, R41902 Early No Thrust Washers
​R71814 Later Washer Type              $45
JD 1400Series Differantial 
Front Rearend ​Oscillation Support 
                   ​$300 Each
440/540 Wheel Studs T34161 2 7/8" long **New**, R32348 2 5/8" long **New** 
52'' 5/8 Shaft
440 or 540 Rear End Mounting Bracket $75
648E,G Brake Parts
440 Drive Shaft 
Drive shaft Measures 9'' 1/2
​ Measures 15'' 1/4
Drive Shaft Measures 17"
648G Drive shaft
Drive shaft
​Measures 33" 3/4
Drive Shaft Measures 30'' 1/2
Drive Shaft Measures 21"
Drive Shaft Measures 16"1/2
Drive Shaft Measures 16" 1/2
JD Skidder Plates & Brake Disks
648G Oclation Support
640E Oclation Support

​Brake Disk
​Brake Disk
​Brake Disk
​540B Brake Disk

R100272 Brake Disk
​Brake Disk
R125132 Brake Plate
​Brake Plate
R128487 Brake Plate
Brake Plate
T45175 Reman front end and rearend yoke threaded holes
R116256​,R116257 +