John Deere Rear End and Brake Parts
AR55006, AR45525 or AR55007 440 and 540 Rear Oscillation Support $250
T20533 & R37440
​440 ,540 Oscillation Pin for Front End Have Good Used or Remachined Ones  $175
R75359   53 Teeth 440 and 440C Final Drive ​Ring Rear $275

​Rebuilt Final Drive
​22" ​Large Hub $1200 with Exchange 
R49427 440 Stub Shaft for Rear End (Syncro)$125
AR37043 or AR62179 Reman 440 Housing Complete with Ring Gear and  Pinion
​Frt $1500 Rear $1200
​with Exchange
R42868 440 and 540 Stub Shaft Final Drive $200 (Powershift)​

**New** .170 Thick R38615  15 Teeth
​JD 540B Brake Disc $175
J-K 207-416-3510 or 207-478-1301
R33030, R69445 Sub R42900 or R52330 440 A and B Axle Housing Planetary Carrier  $150
440 A,B,C 540 A, B,  Planetarys $550 with Exchange
AT50954 Spicer Drive Shaft 540B 17'' T 20 1/2 $450 with Exchange
**New**Rear End Yoke Speedi- Sleeve $25 
R41902,R68347 JD 440 Differential Shaft $100
R42443   440 A, B, C,D 540 B, 640 Pinion Gear ​$85
R33493 FITS 440 A,B,C, D,540 A,B, D 640 Quill $75
R33492   FITS JD 440 A, B, C, D 540 A Quill ​$120
AR68266 ​Brake Pad Backing and Piston $40
​Drive Line Steady Bearing 340D, 440C, 540B, 640
​Good Used $35 **New** $90
Heavy Duty Option $190​
RE30076 ​JD Yoke 440C, 540B, 640 $250
RE18893 Front RE18894 Rear
​JD 540B Rear End Ring Gear $400​
**New**​    $725
AR32483,AR93366 JD Backing Plate 540B $200
JD 440, A, B or C Rear Center Section $350
​17"Closed Open 20" JD 540B Center Drive Shaft $500 Exchange
​**New** Splines $750
AT316033 JD 648G III or 460DG TJ Engine to Transmission Drive Shaft $450
RE23084 540D,640,D,643 HD Axle Fine Spline $750
AR37043 ​Rebuilt Complete
Rear End for 440, 440A, 440B, 440C,​540B,640 with Exchange
AR74028 540B Complete Center Section Inspected $1500
​540D,710D Heavy Duty Fine or Course Planetary $850 
T56952 540B/640 Park Brake Rod   $125
R75358 57 Teeth 540B Final  Drive Ring    $275
R38500 540B
​3 Planetary Gears 
​$450 for Three
R63113  540B Planetary Pin $70 Each
T29635 Early 440,540A Rearend Pinion Yoke
​Keyway Center Strap style  ​$ 100
R37473 440 Near Steady Bearing $125
Loader Engine to Trans Yoke $50
440B,540A Rebuilt Final Drive 14" Small Hub $1000 with Exchange
540B Rebuilt Final Drive $1200 with Exchange
R47705 440A,540A 14" Hub Axle Shaft $650
R41640 440,540 22" Large Hub Axle Shaft $650
R41059 440,540 Axle $200
**New** Brake Pads for 540 or 640​​​ Trans Brakes ​R90085 $17 and R90090  $20 Each​
R37474 440&540 Under Fuel Tank to Rear End​​​​​​​​​​. $100
T45166 540B Beside Steady Bearing Rear Yoke Toward Rearend $325
 Good Splines!​
10 Tooth 4 3/4 Wide Course Spline for Loader  $50​
New Arrivals

AR94814- 640 F​inal Drive Housing $650

     Reman Complete Final Drives For
​ 640 OR 640D $1,200 Exchange

​R68702 Marked R57816 Or R78146 640 Axles $650

​R69455- 640 Planetaries $550

​AR92876- 640 ROAL Center Section​​​ $1750
AR37043 440 & 440C Frt Center Housing Only $750
 Driveshaft yoke              $50
AT27348 Marked T29325 440, 540 Park Brake Handle $55
​Marked T27790 440 Brake Pedal $35
**New** Oscillation Bushings JD 440 R35389 $32
​R91785 $79 R78266 $54
T50269 440C Park Brake Rod $150
T20599 JD 440 Park Brake Disc in Trans  $275
**NEW** R37410 Heavy Duty Double Lip Pinion  Seal $25
R79900 OR R89240
​R79956, R69449 540B or 540D Heavy Duty Planetary Housing Fine or Course  $400
​ 540B Rear End Side Gear Clutches Ride on $130
R74869 540B Rear End side Gears Spiders Gears Ride on  $130
R30618 440,540 Axel Lock to Hub Large Axels $85​
 .280 Thicker
​Disk 16 Teeth JD 440A 540A  $150 
T74231 ,T83430
​Park Brake Housing
​Front Cover 340D,440D,540D 
T50105 With T45166  30"Shaft with Yokes and bearing $650
R37475 Front Ujoint Plate 340,440,A,B 540A,B,D,640,D $175
**New** Oscillation Bushings JD 540B,640    R55523 $40 
​R91785 $79
R78266 $54
T119079 OR AT71820 Universal Park Brake Gear Fits Both Yoke Types
340D,440D,540D​ $250
R77339  540B Stub Shaft   $250
R63112  440 Larger Planetary Pin $50​
T51443 NON Theaded Bolt Holes  $175

Many Yokes To Choose From 
440C Rebuilt Final Drives $1200 With Exchange
AT68162 440C,540B Park Brake Caliper  $75 
New Cable $300
RE18890 FRT
​ Marked R347406 OR RE18892  Marked R34875 Rear Ring And Pinion for 540 $750
AT26956 REMAN 540,A Parking Brake Pad $200 with   Exchange
AT29072 540,A REMAN Parking Brake Pad $150 with Exchange
RE46330 REMAN Bonded Brake Pads $50 Each with Exchange
RE23083 440C,540B Axel Shaft  $650​
 T47068 440C Driveshaft Tight Yokes & New Steady Bearing $550 Exchange 
R37408  440 Front End Cover $75
R57882  640 Front End Cover $75
RE10429.AR07898 540B OR 540D Final Drive Housing With Ring Gear Open Side or Bolt Holes $550
**New** U-Joints 440,A,B,C,D 540,A,B,D
T28932 440A,& 540,A Park Brake Disc $275
AT43874 ,AT46756
440C,540B Park Set Brake Pads &Spring Retainers Reman   $120 with Exchange
T56802 **New** Park Brake Disk
440C,540B,640 $550
R33138 Rearend Drain Plugs With Oring $10
R34140 C3 Sealing Ring $8
T57548 18'' T27125 Oscillation Shims $5.00
648D Oscillation Support​ ​$200.00
R91790 640D Brake Disk 13 Tooth 
340D, 440C, 440D, 640,640D Drive Shaft
​10"M & 9"F Closed 19" Open 23.5"
$500​ Good Take Off
​**New** Splines $750
AT51769 540B Oscillation Pin Good Used $400 
640D Spicer Drive Shaft
        AT75168 340D,440D,540D
​640D Park Brake Valve $200  Exchange
AT32972 Parking Brake Latch 540,A     440,A,B  $75 Each

​340D,440D Rear End Housing With Ring & Pinion And Newer Style Park Break Mount Will Covert a 440C Also
Rebuilt Brake                  Valves
R80878  ROAG
​Male Side Gear
​710B,C ​$130
Differential Lock Gear​​ JD 500,A,B
   Differential        Lock Gear​
​ 440,A,B,540,A 
 500,A,C, 510​  858,3020,4030
Output Shaft Cover 570,A
440C OR 540B Park Brake
​AssemblePark Brake Handle,
​Cable​ Mount,Brake Caliper
**New **​​ Brake Disk& Pads
R69445 **New**
​Planetary 440,A,B,C
R78148   640D​ 
ROAL ​Planitary Gears $100
R78151 640D ROAL Planitary Pins 
T50343 440C Park Brake Bracket​​​​​​​ $25
R100117 ROAL Planitary Carrier
ROAL LEAD 2429 640D Rear end Center Housing Park Brake Sold Seperatly 
R78145 Ring Gear
Keyed or Splined Yokes UBolt Straps 
Flat Top Styles​
R78149 HD  OR R77338  STD 640D Stub Shaft Connects Planitary to Center Section
T106135 Lever
T77848  Support​
AT76925 Pin​
​340D,440D,540D,640D Park Break Handle 
    AR77085             RE19648 
​Sealing Ring Quill 440C,540B
​Park Brake Handle
T45165  640 Tight 33  OR 40"Shaft Yokes & NEW Steady Bearing $650
AT55563 440C Oscillation Pin 
540B,D T50105 26" Drive Line Shaft $500 Recommed our complete for $650
**New** 11 3/4 Rear End Mounting Bolts 540B  $16
Strap Style Joint 
Fits Down in Yoke​
R107005 Same as YZ121052 
Planitary Ring Gear​
Planitary Ring Gear​
​Planitary Ring Gear
​648E,G 748E,G
​1400 Extreme Duty Planitary Ring Gear
1400 Series
​748E Frt Planitary Ring Gear
​1200 Series Planitary Carrier  With or Without Gears&Pins Fits over 20 Different JD Machines
 AR90388   540B Oscillation Support              $200
640D Park Brake Complete Oil or Grease Style
R78149 OR R77338
​640D Stub Shaft
R134726 Spider Gears Fits
Stub Shaft
$1200 Complete
Frontend LFT Twist Top
Rearend RT Twist Bottom 
Right Twist is Rearend
Left Twist is Front End
R68347 540B Spider Gear Pin 
1200 Series Final Drive Housing
Front Joint Assembly
​2 New Joints Center 
R63788  ROAL 540D Spider Gear Pin
Complete Planitary with Gears & Updated Washer $550
Park Break Handle 340D,440D,
​540D,640D Series
T45002 Inner Disk                        $200 
Lft Twist Ring Gear
Rt Twist Ring Gear
 540B Front
​End Cover
​Spider Gears
540D,B Housing With Solid Hole Mounting
AT117553 Park Brake Disks Uses 8
1200 series 648G
​Final Drive Ring Gear
R68758 Older Style Planetary Washer
R48949 Newer Style Planetary Step Washer
R80878 Male Gear 440D,540D,648D
   Female​            Bevel  Gear FITS Over 50 Models
Brakes for 1200,1400,1600
​Series JD Rear Ends
R116184 Brake Plate
​540B Trans Case Cover
    AT90144 540D,640D Brake Pack Cover Vent Center
R68347, R41902 Early No Thrust Washers
​R71814 Later Washer Type              $45
JD 1400Series Differantial 
​Oscillation Support
440/540 Wheel Studs T34161 2 7/8" long **New** $12 each, R32348 2 5/8" long **New** $7 each
52'' 5/8 Shaft