440  540 Skidder Rims and Tires Blades & Bumpers


1          FRANKLIN 12 HOLE 23.1X26
2          JD 440 16.9X30 OLDER- LG                     CENTER
1          JD 440B OR 540A 16.9X30
1          440 LG RIM- FLAT TIRE ON IT
3          JD RIM 540A 18.4X34

30.5 TIRES
8​​             30.5 RIMS JD&CAT                       7             18,4X34​ Tires
​6 TO Choose From 25%to 90% 
28Lx32     10% - 65%

Skidder Rims  
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        Pair of 23.1x26 Tires 
16.9x30 Tire 50% on a 440B                   Rim 
16.9x30 Tire on Rim,Holds Air                       
23.5x25 Tire 5% 
23.1x26 Tires
  ​5% to 85%
AT37495 John Deere 440 Rebuilt Blades $950 Exchange​
AT45330 OR AT78599 John Deere 540B Rebuilt Blades $950​ Exchange 
AT23958 Arch
​AT90002 Bottom Roll
T26040 Bottom Roll Pin
​​​​T24187 Side Rolls AT23962 Side Roll Pin 
AT33487 440,A,B& 540,A Wide Log Bumper Fenders  $1500
23.1x26 Rim for JD 540 Large Hub           
             JD 18.4x34 Rim 14 Hole                          540B  $350
8  Hole Early Style 14" 3/4
​16.9x30  TJ Rim for 225 230 $300
12 Hole Later Style 14" 3/4
​16.9x30 TJ Rim for 225,230 $300
13.00.24,  14.9/1330,  19.5L24,
20.5,   23.5X25,  600 55-26.5,
700/55 34 Loader,Tractor,Forwarder Tires

T77967 Fabricated Subs to T53958 540B Grapple Yoke Stronger Than Orignal
   AT117446 Fabricated Center Belly Pan fits 340D,440C,440D 540B,& 540D  $350​
AT113989, AT83055 **NEW**340D,440C,D
540B,D,640,D​ Lower  Center Pivot Pin $175
T43913 **New** 340D,440C,D,
540B,D,640,D Lower Center Pivot  Bushing $65
T20547 Lower Center Pin U10745 Bushing 440 A, B  
**New** $175​  
AT79028 340D,440D,540B,D Good Used Upper Center Bushing $250
AT79028 340D,440D,540B,D
​ Upper Center Bushing 
**​New*​* $450
T59402 Rear OR T55578 FRT Used 540B Steering Pins $85
T26027 Used 440,A,B Steering Pins $85
AT66633 340D,440C,540,A,B
​640D **New**Front  Steering Pin  $​142
T59402 **New** 340D,440C,540,A,B,D
​640 New Rear Steering Pins $142
AT18252  440,A,B 540,A Small Log Bumper $700
AT20057,AT20058 AT27034 Hoods for 440,A,B,C,540,A,540B 640,D Rebuilt $250​ with Exchange
Tin Work for Floorboards
​Limb Risers 440,A,B,540,A,B,640
                16.9X30 Tires to                      Choose from 5% to 95%
Cheeper SpareTires SKINS
340D,​440C,D,540B,D Used Center Belly Pan $250
AT26796 440,A,B,540,A Upper Center Pin Powershift $100
T20517 440,A,B Upper Center Pin Syncro 
​Used $100
​JD 640 Blade Bushings
15H658 OR 15H8  Wheel Caps Large or Smaller Style $18
AT43696 **New** Blade Pin
AT45330 540A Rebuilt Blades $950 with Exchange
AT45330 OR AT45337 440C Rebuilt Blades with $950 with Exchange
AT43690,AT54311 640 Rebuilt Blade $950 with Exchange
AT114192 640D Rebuilt Blades $950 with Exchange
T28033 R.H T28034 L.H 540,A Rear Steering Cylinder Mount Clevis
AT24819 RH OR AT24820 LH Front 540,A Steering Mount Cylinder Clevis
$75 Each​
AT53018 Holder 03H2173 Battery Hold Down
T28033 RH T28044 LH 540,A Blade Mount $500

​440,A,B 540,A Adjustable Arch With Rolls
540,A Belly Pans
AT25655 FRT
AT25803​​,AT32449 Center $200
AT48896 Fuel Tanks, 540B, 440C $1200
440C AT142613,AT47679,AT42614
​AT47680 62"
​540B AT46208 OR AT141583 Limb Riser 65"
AT44104 ​640,D ALSO​​ 73"
GTO Straight $300​ New $450
16.9X30 Several to Choose From Some Mounted on Rims
Timberjack Blade for 230       $600
          AT63889                  ​Cab Doors For           Skidder 440C,
       ​540B, 640 $300
   T22048 Operator Shield RH 440,A,B
​ T22049 Operator Shield Leg Guards
Floor Boards AT19942 RH AT19943 LFT
​Foot Rest $50
540B Grapple Arch,Cyls Rear Frame Assembly Complete
​440 Dash Cowl
AT37454 Or AT37455
​Syncro Range
​(Standard Trans)
​Dash Cover
AT28764 OR AT56288 Dash
​      $100​​
440 Battery Box 
​440 A,B Belly Pans
440,A,B 540A or 540B,640
Tight Seat     Base​
AT53836 540B Floorboards
      AT22882 440,Exhaust Pipe Guard $50
    Front Grill 640                  $150
Arch Spacer Plate (To Raise Arch 13" Higher)
AT44108 540B Rear Floorboard​            $35
440 Center Pin Guard $20
440,A,B Winch Control Valve Guard $20
440,540A, Dash Cover $20
440,A,B,540,A Front Grill Stiffiners $20
540B ,640 Center Of Machine Hose Guard $35
​440A,B Floorboard            $45
AT19936,AT19937 Battery Supports Mounts $50
T22047,T30739 Foot Rest Shield 440,A,B   $35
AT18267 Rearend Mounting Bracket
440,A,B​ $75
Battery Box Mounts
​540D Floorboards
​With Center Piece ​$100
540,A Canopy With Limb Riser  $550
AT19938 Battery Box Cover 440,A,B   $25
AR45371 Dash Cowl 440,A,B or 540,A  $25
440,A,B Canopy With Limb Riser $750
T29045  440,A,B Blade Mounts Right side $350 
640 Single Funtion Grapple Frame Arch Grapple Rotate & Controls Change Cable Machine to Grapple 
AT41003  640 Grapple Yoke With Pins And Damping Disks $650
​540B Rear
​​**New** $290
       T38674  440A,B,C,540B,D Upper Blade Cyl Pin   $25
T22438 440
​Lower Blade  Pin            $ 60
​11 3/4 Rear End Mounting Bolts 540B 
     AT80042              Battery Box Cover
540B ​ $125
AT42490 Rad Top Guard 440C
AT51769  540B Oclation Support Pin in Good Condition
      AT76427             640 Center Pin Upper Bushing 
  **New**  $600

Now offering New Primex tires!!!  Give us a call for prices, and we can direct ship to you!​
540,A Fuel Tanks ​Checked &Tested  Sealed and Tested
AT81988 OR AT46357
​540B Frame bottom Guard
        $ 150
T51586,T51585 Grapple Control Linkage
​Battery box supports
​AT19936 LFT Support
AT19937 RH​ Support

640 Cable Fuel Tank NEW $1300 Sides 33.5 Across 28 1/4 Width 15 1/4 & 11 1/8
AT27364 440 Powershift, 540 Lower Center Pin **New** $200 
AT26796 440 Powershift, 540 Upper center pin $200 **New**
AT45335 340D,440C,440D,
​540B,540D **New** Blade pins $150
T38674 440,540,340D,440C,
540B,540D **New** Blade pin $40​
T46664 340D,440C,440D,
540B,540D Blade pins $35​
T46667 340D,440C,440D,
540B,540D Blade pins $32​
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T46546 Hinge or SupportCenter Bellypan $30
2  30.5x32 Tires 50 Plus %
6  30,5 X32 Rims For JD​
4 30.5 X32 Rims For Cat 525 Series​
Rubber Cushion Stops for Skidder Frame or Delimber Boom $75