440  540 Skidder Rims and Tires Blades & Bumpers


1          FRANKLIN 12 HOLE 23.1X26
2          JD 440 16.9X30 OLDER- LG                     CENTER
1          JD 440B OR 540A 16.9X30
1          440 LG RIM- FLAT TIRE ON IT
3          JD RIM 540A 18.4X34

30.5 TIRES
8​​             30.5 RIMS JD&CAT                       7             18,4X34​ Tires
​6 TO Choose From 25%to 90% 
28Lx32     10% - 65%

       Skidder Rims  16.9x30,18.4x26,18.4x34,
​23.1x26,30,5x32 +
J-KEquipment.com   207-416-3510   207-478-1301 JDParts50@gmail.com
        Pair of 23.1x26 Tires 
16.9x30 Tire 50% on a 440B                   Rim 
16.9x30 Tire on Rim,Holds Air                       
23.5x25 Tire 5% 
23.1x26 Tires
  ​5% to 85%
AT37495 John Deere 440 Rebuilt Blades  Exchange​
AT45330 OR AT78599 John Deere 540B Rebuilt Blades  Exchange 
AT23958 Arch
​AT90002 Bottom Roll
T26040 Bottom Roll Pin
​​​​T24187 Side Rolls AT23962 Side Roll Pin 
AT33487 440,A,B& 540,A Wide Log Bumper Fenders  $1500
23.1x26 Rim for JD 540 Large Hub 3'' 1/4 Offset  7'' 1/2 offset
 JD 18.4x34 Rim
​14 Hole Dished                    540B  $550
8  Hole Early Style 14" 3/4
​16.9x30  TJ Rim for 225 230 $300
12 Hole Later Style 14" 3/4
​16.9x30 TJ Rim for 225,230 $300
13.00.24,  14.9/1330,  19.5L24,
20.5,   23.5X25,  600 55-26.5,
700/55 34 Loader,Tractor,Forwarder Tires

T77967 Fabricated Subs to T53958 540B Grapple Yoke Stronger Than Orignal
   AT117446 Fabricated Center Belly Pan fits 340D,440C,440D 540B,& 540D  $450​
AT113989, AT83055 **NEW**340D,440C,D
540B,D,640,D​ Lower  Center Pivot Pin $175
T43913 **New** 340D,440C,D,
540B,D,640,D Lower Center Pivot  Bushing $65
T20547 Lower Center Pin U10745 Bushing 440 A, B  
**New** $175​  
AT79028 340D,440D,540B,D Good Used Upper Center Bushing $250
AT79028 340D,440D,540B,D
​ Upper Center Bushing 
**​New*​* $450
T59402 Rear OR T55578 FRT Used 540B Steering Pins $85
T26027 Used 440,A,B Steering Pins $85
AT66633 340D,440C,540,A,B
​640D **New**Front  Steering Pin  $150
T59402 **New** 340D,440C,540,A,B,D
​640 New Rear Steering Pins $100
AT18252  440,A,B 540,A Small Log Bumper $700
AT20057,AT20058 AT27034 Hoods for 440,A,B,C,540,A,540B 640,D Rebuilt $250​ with Exchange
Tin Work for Floorboards
​Limb Risers 440,A,B,540,A,B,640
                16.9X30 Tires to                      Choose from 5% to 95%
Cheeper SpareTires SKINS
340D,​440C,D,540B,D Used Center Belly Pan $350
AT26796 440,A,B,540,A Upper Center Pin Powershift $100
T20517 440,A,B Upper Center Pin Syncro 
​Used $100
​JD 640 Blade Bushings
15H658 OR 15H8  Wheel Caps Large or Smaller Style $18
AT43696 **New** Blade Pin
AT45330 540A Rebuilt Blades  with Exchange
AT45330 OR AT45337 440C Rebuilt Blades with with Exchange
AT43690,AT54311 640 Rebuilt Blade  with Exchange
AT114192 640D Rebuilt Blades with Exchange
T28033 R.H T28034 L.H 540,A Rear Steering Cylinder Mount Clevis
AT24819 RH OR AT24820 LH Front 540,A Steering Mount Cylinder Clevis
$75 Each​
AT53018 Holder 03H2173 Battery Hold Down
T28033 RH T28044 LH 540,A Blade Mount $400

​440,A,B 540,A Adjustable Arch With Rolls
540,A Belly Pans
AT25655 FRT
AT25803​​,AT32449 Center $300
AT48896 Fuel Tanks, 540B, 440C (grapple) $1200
440C AT142613,AT47679,AT42614
​AT47680 62"
​540B AT46208 OR AT141583 Limb Riser 65"
AT44104 ​640,D ALSO​​ 73"
GTO Straight $300​ New $450
16.9X30 Several to Choose From Some Mounted on Rims
          AT63889                  ​Cab Doors For           Skidder 440C,
       ​540B, 640 $300
   T22048 Operator Shield RH 440,A,B
​ T22049 Operator Shield Leg Guards
Floor Boards AT19942 RH AT19943 LFT
​Foot Rest $50
540B Grapple Arch,Cyls Rear Frame Assembly Complete
AT37454 Or AT37455
​Syncro Range
​(Standard Trans)
​Dash Cover
AT28764 OR AT56288 Dash
​      $100​​
440 Battery Box 
​440 A,B Belly Pans
440,A,B 540A or 540B,640
Tight Seat     Base​
AT53836 540B Floorboards
      AT22882 440,Exhaust Pipe Guard $50
    Front Grill 640                  $150
Arch Spacer Plate (To Raise Arch 13" Higher)
AT44108 540B Rear Floorboard​            $35
440 Center Pin Guard $20
440,A,B Winch Control Valve Guard $20
440,540A, Dash Cover $20
440,A,B,540,A Front Grill Stiffiners $20
540B ,640 Center Of Machine Hose Guard $35
​440A,B Floorboard            $45
AT19936,AT19937 Battery Supports Mounts $50
T22047,T30739 Foot Rest Shield 440,A,B   $35
AT18267 Rearend Mounting Bracket
440,A,B​ $75
Battery Box Mounts
​540D Floorboards
​With Center Piece ​$100
540,A Canopy With Limb Riser  $550
AT19938 Battery Box Cover 440,A,B   $25
AR45371 Dash Cowl 440,A,B or 540,A  $50
440,A,B Canopy With Limb Riser $750
T29045  440,A,B Blade Mounts Right side $350 
640 Single Funtion Grapple Frame Arch Grapple Rotate & Controls Change Cable Machine to Grapple 
AT41003  640 Grapple Yoke With Pins And Damping Disks $650
​540B Rear
​​**New** $450
       T38674  440A,B,C,540B,D Upper Blade Cyl Pin   $25
440 T22438 
​Lower Blade  Pin            $ 60
​11 3/4 Rear End Mounting Bolts 540B 
     AT80042              Battery Box Cover
540B ​ $125
AT42490 Rad Top Guard 440C
AT51769  540B Oclation Support Pin in Good Condition
      AT76427             640 Center Pin Upper Bushing 
  **New**  $600

Now offering New Primex tires!!!  Give us a call for prices, and we can direct ship to you!​
540,A Fuel Tanks ​Checked &Tested  Sealed and Tested
AT81988 OR AT46357
​540B Frame bottom Guard
        $ 150
T51586,T51585 Grapple Control Linkage
640 Cable Fuel Tank NEW $1300 Sides 33.5 Across 28 1/4 Width 15 1/4 & 11 1/8
AT27364 440 Powershift, 540 Lower Center Pin **New** $200 
AT26796 440 Powershift, 540 Upper center pin $200 **New**
AT45335 340D,440C,440D,
​540B,540D **New** Blade pins $150
T38674 440,540,340D,440C,
540B,540D **New** Blade pin $40​
T46664 340D,440C,440D,
540B,540D Blade pins $35​
T46667 340D,440C,440D,
540B,540D Blade pins $32​
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T46546 Hinge or SupportCenter Bellypan $30
2  30.5x32 Tires 50 Plus %
6  30,5 X32 Rims For JD​
4 30.5 X32 Rims For Cat 525 Series​
Rubber Cushion Stops for Skidder Frame or Delimber Boom $75
Timberjack Blade
Timberjack Blade
Tree Farmer Blade
Fowarder Blade In Good Shape
   440 John Deere Blade
540,A John Deere Blade
540John Deere Blade
540B John Deere Blade
648G John Deere Blade
Skidder Blade
Timberjack Blade for 230
23.1x26 Rim 440 540
​Large Hub JD or Timberjack
23.1x26 Rim Small Hub 440 440C,540 ,540B
440 18.4X26 JD Rim Small Hub 5''3/8 Offset
16.9x30 JD Rim Small Hub 2'' 1/2 Offset or 5''1/4 Offset
                 23.1X26 Rim
3''1/2 or 5''1/2or6 1/2 or10 Offset​
18.4X34 Large Hub 440,540 3'' or 71/4 Offset
23.1X26 Large Center
23.1x26 Rim LargeCenter
16.9x30Large Hub 440,540
Steering Cyl mount Early Style 440

540,A 18.4X34 Small Hub 3''1/2 Offset
          18.4x34  3''1/4 Offset 540B,D

JD 440C,D ​18.4x26
​3 1/4 Offset
5'' Offset​