John Deere 440 A, B and C Standard Transmission
T25028 440A,B Range Change Shift Quadrent   $85
​Marked R33503 JD 440 ​2nd &5th 38 Teeth $100
​4th & 7th 31 teeth 440 $100
T26351 Sub T23519 440 Gear $100
AR32190 or AT23204 440 Shifting Fork High and Low 
R33511 6th & 8th 24 Teeth 440 Gear $100
AT25340 Marked T27119 440 Upper Range Shifter
R33510 440 Standard Transmission Gear $100
​18 Teeth Rev. Gear Top Cover $25
AT50180 Housing AR79582 Gears 
​AT21367 Cover 440,A,B,Transmission Pump Transmission pump $1500 440C $1800
Standard Reduction Gears and Shaft    ​$650
AT46996 ,T48430  440C Standard Transmission Fork
​ for High Low 
T26387 Sub. T22019 13Teeth 
​Top Cover Rev Gear $150

T32876, R33498 440,A,B Counter Shaft

T33134  440 Later Idler Shaft $250  T24714 Idler Gear 39Teeth $850
R33511 ​6th & 8th Gear 24 Teeth $100
T23743 or T28427 Pump Pressure Tube $25
Standard Transmission Gear $100
AT74236, AT69345 12" **New** Pressure Plate for 440 Standard Transmission. 440 Straight A, B and C.   $425
T20433 or T33140 Transmission Output Shaft Gears. Here are Two Choices! Both are for a 440 Different Styles $450
AT78424  **New** Clutch Disc for 440 Standard Extra Disk Transmssion. 440 Straight A,B,C $260

​​​   207-416-3510   207-478-1301
T24159 Rebuilt 440A,B Top Shaft with High & Low Reverse Gears $1500 Or Good Take Out $850
AT43420 440,440C Throw Out Bearing Holder $250
AT64128 Updated Flywheel Adapter Fits a JD 440C Makes Installing Engine Easy On 440C  $400 with exchange
AT17464 JD **New** Throw Out Bearing Standard Transmission $65 
AR90311 JD Resurfaced 440 C Standard Flywheel  
JD 440 Standard Transmission Inspected Good Working $4000 OR $5000 Rebuilt Exchange
Rebuilt 440C Transmission  Call for Price 
AT23205 440 Reverse Shift Fork $
AT28571 440,A,B Transmission Top Cover with Reverse Idler Gears $550
AT156740 440C& 440D Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
 **New** $590
 AT21179, AT25583
​ Transmission Case Only $850
R33383 340D,440C,D
​Low & High Range Synchronizer 24 UsedTeeth Gear $45
**New** ​$90
​Reverse Range Synchronizer Gear $75

R59536  440,A,B Low Range 13 Teeth Top Shaft  Gear NLA
R44639 High Range Top Shaft Gear 21 Teeth  $175
T20532 440 Clutch Input Shaft Good Splines $300
T20440 440 Range Change Shifter Arm $125
440A,B Throttle Linkage $50​
T22024 or T24778 440 Clutch To Trans Shaft Good Splines $275
AT18257 440 Throw Out Bearing Support $65​
T60443 440C Hexigon Shaft from Clutch to Trans Oil Pump 38 1/8" Long  $350 New
AR68149 OR T33090 440 Speed Change Trans Shift Quadrent $85  
AR32197 440 Trans Center Shaft Shift Fork  2,4,5,7 Gears $75
AR32196 440 Trans Center Shift Fork 1,3,6,8 Gears $75
T20526 440 Trans Output Shaft Front Cover AT21761 Pipe  $90
R33449  440 Shift
​Fork Rod $25​
​ 440C Trans Oil Filter Bypass Valve $45
AR49457,T20439 440 Spring Assembly Park Release $50​
T20524 440 Rear Drive Shaft $200​
T27043 440 Suction Screen Cover $15​
T20437 OR T33139 440 Center Shaft Output Gear $350
JD ​440,A,B  trans 6&8  Speed ​
​33 Teeth Counter Shaft Gear $175
RE54089 Newer Style Flywheel Fits 440C,D
Heavy Duty ​80 lbs​  
AT48694 440C,D Clutch Housing $500
440 Pump Discharge Tube Check Valve Kit, Includes D2361R, R39078 and R39076 $11
T24159  440,A,B Top Shaft $400
R31026 340D,440,A,B,C,D High Low Shifting Coller Holds Cluthes 2 Used $45 Each
**New** $120
R31028 340D,440,A.B.C,D High & Low Synchronizer Hub Springs Goes Inside $60​ or new $120
T47352 340D,440,A,B,C,D Reverse Gear
AT24716, AT24855
​AT27436,  JD 440 Trans 14" Output Shaft $750
​**New**​​ $1100

T29339 Later Speed ChangeTrans Shift Lever $125​
AT13956 Rear Output Shaft Seal  $29 AT11888 440,540 Front Output Shaft Seals $18
AT13161 Front Output Shaft Seal 440C $21 AT44697 340D,440C Rear Output Shaft Seal $25
AT25518 440 or 440C Drive Shaft Good Splines $350
T71424 JD 440C Clutch Good Splines Shaft $450
AT25341 Marked T27120 Upper Speed Shifter Arm $50
T20441 Early Speed ChangeTrans Shift Arm $95
T69589 Reverse 340D,440,A,B,C,D
​Shift Collar
RE37119 New High Low Clutch Disks For 440,A,B,C,D Top Shaft $60 ​For 1 Side 
​Reverse Countershaft  $150
AT25067 440,A,B Shift Lever
T20438 440,A,B Speed Range Shifter  $45
AT58839 Support T61283 Shaft T72716 Range Change Lever 440C Shift Arm &
 ​Shaft  $175
R36265 440,A,B Nuetral Start
​Switch $25
T27933 440 A,B Clutch Pedal Return Spring $25
AT21307 440 A,B Trans Lube Line $45
AT47175 Shaft R31393 Fork 440C Clutch Throw Out Bearing 
AT26071 Control Lever T27944 Fork 440A,B Clutch Throw Out Bearing $100
AT35202 440,A,B Dipstick For Trans ​$ 25
T24714 subs T20435 440,A,B Early Style Idler Gear & Shaft  $650
R34236 440,A,B Filter Bypass For Standard Trans
AR26375 Suction Screen  $35
AT25148 440,A,B Cowl Assembly Shifting Quadrant $35
440 Standard Trans Pump reseal Kit $30
440 Shifting Fork
T47341 440C Idler Gear 23 Teeth & Shaft
T50342 440C
Deere Made it this way​ Inner Park Brake Gear $750
Parking Brake Handle, Cable, Caliper,Bracket
​Mount, **New ** Disk&Pads kit
440,A,B​ Earlier Single Lever Shifting Quadrant $35
​340D, 440C, 440D Trans Output shaft  Good Used $750          **New** $1200
T47343 440C Countershaft 
​440C Trans Case Repaired Case OR Good Used
​440C Output Shaft Assembly Gear 

​440C Shifting Rods Speed Change&High Low Rev
​U16202 Yokes 
 $45 Each​
T20406     440 Syncro Clutch Housing Cover
T47342 440C
​Low Range Counter
​Shaft Gear
​34 Teeth **New** $1300
​440 Suction Tube
T48429 Shifting Cam Speed Change
340D,440C,D​ $100
​Shifting Cam 
​Speed Change 
​Marked R33771
​440C Suction Tube
T54466 440C Trans Pump Drive Shaft   *New**​ $465 Exchange
T20536  440A,B,C Standard Trans Mounts Brackets $10 Each
**NEW**  Redesigned and Tested Transmission Pumps for John Deere 440  $2,500 with Exchange