John Deere 440 540A 540B Winch Parts
T56979 **New** Winch Yoke For 540B  $175
AT43302 440C, 540B,D, 640 Reman JD Winch Band $550 with Exchange
AT21003 3305 440,A 540 Winch Control Value with Exchange $400
T54604 Reman 440C & 540B
​Winch Input Shaft $650 Exchange
AT48916 **New** 440, A, B 540, & A   3" Travel Winch Cable    $150 207-416-3510 or 207-478-1301
T64394 ​Rebuilt  Winch 440C 540B, Band, Springs, Clutches, Seals,Oil $3000
​with Exchange
AT33822 440B or 540A Later Winch Pump Without Relief in Pump
AT18255 John Deere 440,A, B Standard shift Open 22 1/2" closed 20 1/2" Good Winch Shaft $550 with Exchange Rebuilt $800 with exchange
T52509 JD
​ 440 A,B 540,A Winch Input Shaft $650 Exchange
​​AT70103 JD 340D 440D Rebuilt Winch Drive Shaft $850 with Exchange
**New** $1400
Open 20 1/2 to 22 1/4"​
T19615 **New** 440C,540B JD Winch Clutch Steel DiscsTakes 3 $55 Each
  AT49124 JD 540B Rebuilt Winch Drive Shaft $750 W/Exchange. Good Used Take Off also Available $600
T19772 JD 440,A Winch Drum Spring on Shaft 
T90055 Early style JD 540B Good Winch Drive Line Support
​$250 Exchange
T20531 JD 440,A,B Winch Solid Shaft 24"1/8 Long with Exchange $375 With New BearingSplines Good
AT26889 JD 540A and 440 Powershift Winch Drive Shaft Good Used $600 with Exchange 
​​**New** $1400
6' and 7' Choker Cable $15.18 & $16.75 Each
5/8x65 Main Line $120 5/8x75 Main Line $140
Rebuilt Winches for 440, 440A, 440B Exchange $3000
440C **New** Winch Driveline Yoke $175 Each
AT16844 **New** JD Winch Clutch Fiber Discs Takes 3
​$150 Each

JD8534 440,A,B,C,540,A,B,
​D,640,D **New** Winch Steady Shaft Bearing   $17
AT11450 **New** 
​440, A, B, 540, & A    1 " Travel Winch Cable    $150
AT47443 440B,C,540,A,B
​640 **New** HD Swivel Fitting in the Winch $100
T70874 **New** Winch Band Springs Takes 2 $35 Each
AT169847 JD 440C Rebuilt Winch Drive Shaft 22"3/4 To 24" $800 with Exchange ​**New** $1225
T45835 JD 540B Winch Solid Shaft Good Spines  28" long **New** $750 with New Bearing
​ 340D 440C,D,
​540B,D,640,D **NEW** Ring Gear and Pinion $725.00
Used T70874 Winch Band Springs $15 Each Excellent for Spares.
T37918 Winch Manifold to Convert to New Style 440B or 540A to Update to 440C Control Valve $200
T16354 440,A,B,C,540, A,B,D,640 Winch Cover Ring Gear Side Complete $600 
T118795 440C,540B Winch Drum Large Springs 
R35272 Aux Drive Shaft Coupler Good Splines $100 22 Splines 3 1/4" Long
T39506 440B Winch Drum Small Springs 
AT23837 3305 **New** Winch Pump for 440 Early Units with Relief Valve 
T54608 Winch Cover 440B,C
​540B $
T17546,T29778 440,A,B,C 540,A,B 640 Winch Cover Input Side $50
T19776 JD 440,540 Early Winch Clutch Steel Thicker Disc Takes 2 $100 Each
AT124357 350,450,B,C,
​440,540,A​ Ring Gear and Pinion $725
**New** AT49124 540B Winch Drive Shaft $1150 with Exchange
AT36349 640,D 648D,740 Good Used Winch Drive Shaft ​11"1/2 In 14" Out $350 SOLD
AT68670 540B **New** Winch Drive Line Ball Socket $75
T59150 440C,D 540B,D 640,D Hub 36 Inner Teeth for Clutchs $125
T17547 440,A,B,C,540,A,B,640 42 Teeth Reduction Gear Front of Winch  $100
T16390 440A,B,C,D 540A,B,640 42 Teeth Reduction Gear Front of Winch  $100
T19773  440,540
​17 Inner Teeth
​1.80 Thick Earler Hub for Clutchs $100
T53243 ,T75404 440B,C,540A,B Wind in Clutch Piston And Cover $650
T55249 340D, 440A,B,C,D 540,A,B,640,D Band  Release Cyl New Seals &Springs $400​ Exhange
AT73357  11" Wind in Clutch Hose Oring style 440D,540D Pipe Type 440B,C,540,B **New**  $50
T26680  540,A Winch Solid Shaft Good Splines  21" Long $375 with New Bearing
Winch Reseal Kits 440,A,B $248 ,540B $220, 540D $245 Input Seal Cross Shaft Seal,Piston Seals,Cyl Seal Swivel Fitting
T33175 440B,540A 17 Inner Teeth 1.37 Thick $150​
​JD 440C **New** Winch Solid Shaft 25" $750 with New Bearing 
 AT20648 440 Winch Drum Marked T19759
​AT32542 Marked T33178 
AT20199 Bottom Roll AT183744 Side Roll
AT23962 Pins​ AT23958 Arch  For 440,A,B 
JD9944 540B **New** Cross Shaft Needle Bearing $75
JD9826  440 JD **New** Winch Cross Shaft Needle Bearing $175
​AT43466 ,AT37444 3305 440B 540A Control Valve 
​ **New** $1050

T19777  440,A 540 Early Style Wind In Piston Cover $850 
T34717 440,A,B,540,A,640 Older Style
​Bladder Style
​Cover $500
​10" Mainline Roll $500​
AT64118 AT78041
440C, 540B, 640 Winch 
Control Spool​Valve 3325 $1200
T50377 540,A and 440A Powershift Winch Driveline 
T90055  540D, 640 Winch Drive Support Threaded or Push Dip stick Tube​$350 Exchange​  

​12" Roll NEW $800 USED depends on Condition
​ T26040 Pin
​29" 1/2  640D Winch Shaft Solid $400 with New Bearing
​28" 440D Solid Winch Shaft 14" ​​​And 21" Splines Good  $575 with New Bearing
      T81292 340D,440D,540D Swivel Fitting           
T22356 (Guard)
AT20163,AT33828 (Lever)
​​Winch Control Handle With Bracket    $100
T44915 640 Solid Winch Shaft With Big Winch
​33"1/2 Long 
AT42672 Arch
​Side Rolls
​    18" $ 200 
AT46044 Earlier Rotary Winch Control Valve 3325 440C,540B,640
  ​$1050 with Exchange
      T47334 **New**Torsion Spring Earlier Rotary Style $150
AT124356  540B Winch Shaft ONLY $300
U30019 Arch
​Roll Bushing       $70
740G​ Winch
  Yoke $200
T34702 JD Dozer Winch Control Lever SOLD
G  Series JD Arch Rolls & Plate 
Side Roll
​Pin Shaft​       $200
T75406  D Style Piston Cover 
T19800 Older Winch Wind in Cover
​440 Winch Cover $75
     648D Grapple 27''Closed 29'' Open Winch Shaft
    AT52594 440C,540B,648
Winch Drum​
T84800  640 Winch Control Valve 
AT52587 540D Winch
​Pto Guard     $75

440, 540 Winch Steels, T19776 is .399 Thick and $100 Each Used, T33176 is .188 Thick and $85**New**.  Each Style Takes 2
Hyd Release Cyl
Housing. Not For Sale
648G Yoke
Timber Jack Arch & Rolls
440 Old Style Blader Cover $75
or we can Update to Newer Style
Winch pump Suction Screen